A NEW drug-free approach to tension headaches and pain in the head, neck and jaw.


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Relēver is an effective and easy-to-use handheld device that targets the proper muscles in the jaw by using the simple concept of stretching to release tension and pain. Designed with a soft tip that comfortably grips over the lower front teeth, the user can apply gradual and gentle downward and sideways traction via the comfortable handle, maintaining complete control of the stretch.

  • Drug-free
  • Easy-to-use  
  • Soft tip with comfortable grip
  • Portable  
  • Easy to clean
  • Created by a medical doctor
  • Endorsed by healthcare professionals
  • Suggested stretching routine provided



Really Works!!!

Very fast shipping and it really works!!!

- Relēver UserJuly 21, 2017

Cool product

Cool product. Will definitely use going forward.

- Chris, Relēver UserMay 22, 2017

Immediate Relief

The amazing part is that I get immediate relief, and in addition, the effort is cumulative. So the jaw gets better and better over time and it takes less effort. Plus it is really fast to do. I wish this product had been invented years ago.

- Edwin, Relēver UserMay 31, 2017

Fewer headaches

Relēver reduced pain the more and more I used it. I have not noticed as many headaches/jaw tension after a full day of talking and computer work after using the device consistently.

- Brittany, Relēver UserMay 22, 2017

My jaw is relaxed

The device and exercises seemed to relax my jaw and my bite became more aligned.

- Relēver UserMay 22, 2017

Part of my routine

I bought the Relēver to help relieve tightness in my jaw. I have always felt like I needed to stretch out my jaw muscles and I have been using this device every evening before bed and when I wake up as a part of my morning routine. In just over a week, I have experienced relief and less tightness and a popping sound in the jaw each morning.

- Natalie, Relēver UserMay 31, 2017

It's like yoga for my jaw

It's like yoga for my jaw, relaxing all of the muscles and aligning my bite. I don't clench my teeth anymore.

- Faye, Relēver UserMay 3, 2017

Tightness in my jaw is gone!

The tightness in my jaw is gone. Relēver somehow aligns my jaw and I haven't been needing to wear my retainers at night.

- Diana, Relēver UserMay 22, 2017

Start relieving your tension today!

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